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Web Hengest Lands 1
Web Hengest Landing 2

“Ideas from the Trenches: Episode Two”

  I think this hour is fun to listen to, even though everybody's talking about oppression, sexism, and especially racism. ...


“Ideas from the Trenches” Episode One

I'm making a radio series with my friend Nicola Luksic, where we interview PhD students about why they're spending the best years ...

Pacholik 2

Pages and Patches

Global TV reviewer and blogger Devin Pacholik featured me on his TV spot and then published this review online. Thanks ...


Goodreads Redux

    Yes, I did go to the GoodReads page for The Rude Story of English, and cut and paste some of the positive comments here. Yes, I did do that. What's your problem? From an operator named Scotchneat... There are two problems with the story of the English language, according ...


Maple Tree Literary Supplement

I was glad to get interviewed by this journal, the Maple Tree Literary Supplement. Editor Amatoritsero Ede asked about colonialism and politics, and genre, and some of the Grand Themes of my book. That was fun because I don't usually get to talk about Grand Themes, or not for long anyway, and it ...

Zoomer Magazine.

Zoomer It-Book

After studiously avoiding the vanity-search for these many months, I buckled. And I'm glad I did because The Rude Story of English has been on its own adventure through the critical hive-mind, stopping off at some unexpected and thrilling venues, such as Moses Znaimer's Zoomer Magazine. I assumed at ...


Penis Song

I found this phallic moment in the And Sometimes Y archives online. The appearance of Shelagh Rogers's picture on the page seems like a category error. She was in no way responsible nor even involved in this artistic travesty, and nor was The Next Chapter. The main claim I can make in favour of this ...