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Penis Song

I found this phallic moment in the And Sometimes Y archives online. The appearance of Shelagh Rogers's picture on the page seems ...


A Handy Chart for All the Family

  Link to full chart: ManDoesRightThing This is for those of us who, from time to time, struggle with basic ...

rudestory arrived

Weird and troubling and wonderful

  Thanks to Philip Till and The CKNW Morning News (AM980 Vancouver) for having me on their show on the morning of Tuesday ...

Historian sings from the heart.

The Historian Song

The play button will unleash "The Historiography Song" or "The Historian Song." I can't remember which name I gave it. Anyway, it's a thing I did on CBC Radio's And Sometimes Y with the estimable Russell Smith on back-up vocals. Here are the words, so you can sing along: I'm a ...

Fowler's Modern English Opera

Fowler’s Modern English Opera

From the nostalgia files... here is an operatic rendition of some advice from Henry Fowler regarding metaphors. I call it Fowler's Modern English Opera, although a super-nerd might notice the libretto actually comes from Fowler's other book, The King's English. I can't remember why I fudged this ...

Globe Books

All That Buzz

The Globe & Mail generously featured The Rude Story of English in its lookahead to the big fall non-fiction titles. And even more importantly, that is by far the biggest font size a major media outlet has ever used when printing my name. Their feature is online, ...


Poetry Lessons

One of the oldest things on the island of Britain is the so-called "Ruthwell Rood," a giant obelisk on which someone carved verses of lyric poetry. There are also pictures, to help novice readers figure out the words. This teaching tool, inspired by the Pagan use of the stone phallus as a message ...