The Rude Story of English, and other approximate ideas.


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The Rude Story of English, and other approximate ideas.

There will be videos and other funny things appearing here eventually.

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Words for the sake of words.

This sounds like the name of a band that never made it, despite a year-long residency at the local library. The problem was, on reflection, that the library is a bad place for a music residency because you can’t make any noise. So despite all their efforts at publicizing and rehearsing etc., no one ever heard them.

What Are You Reading?

Maybe I will just leave the holder text up. It’s fast becoming more interesting than anything I was planning to put here later.


You're reading words, obviously.

Don’t you want to know more about this band that only played at libraries, silently?


And between the lines, perhaps.

Well, do. They sound like a much better band than most of the ones that make noises.

Oh, just go buy the book, if you haven't already.

It’s probably not at the nice independent bookstore because they can’t keep everything in stock, and it came out in 2013, which is basically the dead zone between Shakespeare and New Releases.

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